Songs from our Young

by Bobby Lee Music



Producer Writer Bobby Lee from Ireland's southern planes gathers young powerful creators to him to co write and produce songs with self empowerment and alignment being at the core of the work


released June 21, 2019

A Bobby Lee Production


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Bobby Lee Music Ireland

Music is my touchstone to alignment .Im living on the leading edge of thought on the rugged Southern Coast of Ireland

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Track Name: Open Heart
Open Heart is an uplifiting positive song story about love gone right
I wanna find my light
I wanna breathe for me
I wanna know what its like
To be free
I gotta just hold on
Light a fire in me
Trust myself and let it be

Im an open heart
Fixing my broken parts
Let the waves crash over me
My scars will guide the way
To live another day
Everything will be okay
Everything will be okay

Im standing but Im still
Dreaming but its real
Everything to want want
Is falling into place
Theres n o one in my way
Tryn stop me now
No more losing sleep
Im finding my way out

Im an open heart...
Track Name: Raylee - Holly Hennessy

Step by step don't need no hand
Ive gone to a better land
Consciously going forward
My feet already in the sand
Something I already knew
Something so bright and so blue
Something is inside of you
Find it and you'll be it too
Something I Something I

Breath by breath I dream the dream
Hold it close heaven it seems
Tasted more than I was hoping for
Countless blessings into my core
Something I already knew …

Light a fire light a fire in your heart

Light a fire light a fire in your heart
Something you already know
Deep down inside of your soul
Hold it and never let go
Its something we already know

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