Dealers of Light

by Bobby Lee Music



released May 28, 2018


all rights reserved



Bobby Lee Music Ireland

Music is my touchstone to alignment .Im living on the leading edge of thought on the rugged Southern Coast of Ireland

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Track Name: Ekawa
Awake its alright to be you
Come back and stay your hearts calling on you
To rise up in your mind
Climb into the light

Its true its you its all that you do to me
There ain't no other remedy
Whenever I'm weak I'm strong
When the chase is on
Its true its you I wouldn't be without you

There a lot to learn
There's a lot to let lie
Don't be wasting your time on those things
You cannot deny

Rise ...
Its over everything changes color
Track Name: Lost and Found
Caught you in the blink of an eye
I did notice how you shone real bright
Youn came in all cued up
I was twisting and turning it was ll too much
Like that I couldnt sit still
My body shakingn it was overkill
It came up from a deep deep place
I was fallin in love and it was in my face

Coming up from the underground
Getting ready to be ready in the lost and found

Couldnt tell my head from my heart
Felt it stirring in my broken parts
You came in and turned me on
I was standingn on the edge of everlasting love
I want you but I want me more
I want all that Im living for

Coming up from the underground

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